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1500 -

Life History




Birth of son Ralph RIPPINGTON in Drayton, Buckinghamshire


Birth of son 1524 RYPPYNGTON in Drayton, Buckinghamshire


  • At this point in time there's no evidence that Lichfield William Repyngton had any offspring or was even married, but it is known that a William Repyngton owned Wadlowes Manor in Toddington near Dunstable in 1564.
    Toddington is 15 miles from Drayton in Buckinghamshire where Ralph Rippington was born in 1524 and also the same distance from Tring, where Arthure Rippington (the first of the true Rippingtons) was born in 1548 - so the circumstantial evidence is highly probable that there's some familial link between these individuals.
    Until further evidence is found two missing links have temporarily been added to the family tree, named 1500 Ryppyngton and 1524 Ryppyngton.
    Ralph, being a cleric, was most likely celibate; so it's highly unlikely that he was Arthure's Father ... this is where 1524 Ryppyngton fits in.
    These two imaginary individuals have been shown as Ralph's brother and Father, their date-of-births have been extrapolated between the 1472 of Lichfield William Repyngton and Chiltern Arthure Rippington in 1548.
    One interesting point of note is that if it was Lichfield William Repyngton who owned Wadlowes Manor in 1564, then he would have been 92 - it's therefore highly unlikely that he was the actual person who owned the manor and it could therefore have been either his son 1500 Ryppyngton or his grandson 1524 Ryppyngton ... hence one of these could have also been named William Repyngton (Ryppyngton).
  • The conclusion of the above supposition is therefore that Lichfield William Repyngton was the progenitor of the Chiltern Rippingtons and his brother Lichfield Thomas Repyngton the progenitor of the City of London Rippingtons.

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