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A history of Shrewsbury, Volume 2 - Deans of St. Chads

A history of Shrewsbury, Volume 2 - Deans of St. Chads

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also known as Ralph RIPPINGTON

also known as Ralph REPYNGDON

also known as Archdeacon Ralph REPYNGTON

also known as Ralph REPYNTON

before 1364 - 1416

Life History

before 1364



Religion Beneficed Clergy of Whepstead, Suffolk


Religion Rector of Dymchurch Church, Dymchurch, Shepway, Kent

14th Oct 1389

Religion presentation to a moiety of the Church at Westborough, Lincolnshire

between 1390 and 1394

Religion clerk to King Richard II

4th Oct 1390

Religion Offered the living of West Rasen, Lincolnshire - declined

25th Oct 1392

Misc in Grant of the custody of the goods of the Priory of Tykford, Buckinghamshi

15th Mar 1394

Religion Presentation to the church of Lokyngton in the diocese of York

23rd Jul 1394

Religion Grant for life of the wardenship of the Chapel of St. Michael, Shrewsbury Castle


Religion Archdeacon of Berkshire, in the diocese of Salisbury

between 1395 and 1416

Religion Prebendary of Weeford Church, Lichfield, Staffordshire

22nd Jun 1395

Religion Grant of the Prebendary of Weeford Church, Lichfield, Staffordshire

3rd Jul 1395

Religion Prebendary of Weeford Church, Lichfield, Staffordshire

23rd Sep 1395

Misc in Grant of the alien priory of Haugham, Lincolnshire

20th Oct 1395

Religion Grant of the Archdeaconary of Berkshire, in the cathedral church of Salisbury


Misc in Nominated to St. Chad's College by King Richard II


Religion collated Dean of St. Chad's College, Shrewsbury


Religion Exchanged Prebendary of Wartling, Ninfield & Hoo (Sussex) with St. Chad's


Misc in Treasurer

23rd Oct 1398

Religion Royal grant to Prebendary of Wyvelesford and Wodeford

between 1399 and 1400

Misc in Clerk to King Henry IV

30th Sep 1399

Misc in King Richard II deposed

13th Oct 1399

Misc in King Henry IV crowned

29th Oct 1399

Religion ratified as Parson of the parish church of Castre (Castor, Lincolshire)

14th Feb 1400

Misc in King Richard II died

2nd Mar 1400

Religion ratified as Prebendary of Wyvelesford and Wodeford in Salisbury

4th Feb 1402

Misc in Grant to brother John Repynton of Chapel of St. Michael, Shrewsbury Castle

4th Feb 1402

Misc in Resigned as warden of Chapel of St. Michael, Shrewsbury Castle


Religion Rector of Castre


Religion Rector of St. Mary the Virgin's Church, Leigh, Salford, Diocese of Lichfi

before 1410

Religion Rector of Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire


Misc in Quitclaim of a garden in Castre (Castor, Lincolshire)


Religion Clerk


Resident in Castor, Lincolnshire




  • The Township Westleigh.
    (Westleigh, a suburb of Leigh, Greater Manchester is one of three ancient townships, Westleigh, Bedford and Pennington, that merged in 1875.
    The St Mary the Virgin Church has been in existence since the 12th century and probably much earlier. It was once known as the Church of St Peter at Westleigh in Leigh, and straddles the boundary between the old townships of Westleigh and Pennington, the nave and churchyard being in Westleigh and the chancel in Pennington.)
    An exchange of livings, 1410
    Thomas Hyne, who had spent much of his time at Titchmarsh wanted to leave Leigh and go back. The patroness Maud, Lady Lovel and Holland, agreed and Hyne approached the bishop. On 31 March 1410 Lichfield bishop wrote to Lincoln bishop, said he was too busy and asked that he should examine the reasons for the exchange and attend to the details. Soon after on 6 April at Sleaford the rector of Titchmarsh, Ralph Repington, was admitted to the benefice of Leigh by the Bishop of Lincoln, under a commission from Lichfield. Repington sent a proxy, Richard Lopington, domicellus, to represent him.
    Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: volume 5: St Paul's, London (1963), pp. 14-16.
    Ralph Repyngton 1398-
    (History of the Church of England)
  • HenryIV Vol1 p.123
    1399 Nov. 13
    Grant to William Fulthorp,'chivaler,' Bernard Brokas,'chivaler,'
    Eobert Waterton, Ralph Repyngton, clerk, and Richard,parson of the
    church of Crawleton,and their heirs, of the manors of Rampton,
    Cotenham and Westwyk,co. Cambridge, in the king's hands by
    reason of the forfeiture of William Lescrope, late earl of Wiltshire, with
    all fees,advowsohs, franchises, and liberties.
    (Rampton, Cottenham and Westwick)
  • HenryIV Vol1 p.137
    1400 March 2
    Ralph Repyngton, prebendary of Wyvelesford and Wodeford in the
    cathedral church of Salisbury.
    Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: volume 3: Salisbury diocese
    Prebendary of Wyvelesford and Wodeford in the cathedral church of Salisbury
    Ralph Repyngton 1398-1416.
    Royal grant to Repyngton 23 Oct. 1398
    (Wilsford and Woodford, Wiltshire)
  • Patent Rolls
    14.10.1389: presentation of Ralph Repington to a moiety of the Church at Westburgh in the diocese of Lincoln, in the King's gift by reason of his custody of the lands and heir of William de Bardolf, tenant in chief.
    Moiety is part ownership (usually half) of property.
  • A history of Shrewsbury, Volume 2
    XVI. Ralph Repington, 1397. He was a prebendary of Lichfield, and died in 1416.
  • Dymchurch Church, Dymchurch, Shepway, Kent
    DYMCHURCH PATRONS       The King – The Abbacy being vacant
    DYMCHURCH RECTORS       Ralph Repynton   1389
  • Lincoln Record Society Volume 57 - THE REGISTER OF BISHOP PHILIP REPINGDON - 1395.
    November 13th, Rome. Papal dispensation to Ralph Repingdon, rector of Castor, who aheady holds benefices in the dioceses of Lincoln, Lichfield, Chichester and St. David's, of which the total value does not exceed 200 marks, to hold additional benefices or offices in metropohtan, cathedral or collegiate churches, provided that where there is cure of souls it is not neglected.
  • Repyngdon pluralitas. Bonifacius episcopus servus servorum dei dilecto filio Radulpho Repynton' rectori parochialis ecclesie de Castr' Lincoln diocesis salutem et apostolicam benediccionem.
    Vite ac morum honestas aliaque laudabilia probitatis et virtutum merita super quibus apud nos fidedigno commendaris testimonio nos inducunt ut te favoribus apostolicis et graciis prosequamur.
    Volentes itaque premissorum meritorum tuorum intuitu necnon consideracione carissimi in Christo filii nostri Ricardi Regis Anglie illustris pro te dilecto familiari suo nobis super hoc humiliter supphcantis favore gracie prosequi specialis tecum qui parochialem ecclesiam de Castr' Lincoln' diocesis ac liberam capellam sancti Michaelis suam infra castrum dicti Regis in Salopia necnon prebendam de Weford'
    in ecclesia cathedrali Lich' et prebendam de Wartlyng Newenfeld' et Hoo in libera capella Regis de Hastyng Cicestren' diocesis ac aliam prebendam in ecclesia cathedrali Meneven'
    quorum omnium fructus redditus et proventus ducentarum marcharum sterlingorum secundum communem estimaccionem valorem annuum ut asseris non excedunt obtines ac unum aliud beneficium ecclesiasticum eciam si dignitas personatus vel officium in metropolitano cathedrali vel collegiata et dignitas ipsa in metropolitano
    vel cathedrali maior post pontificalem aut in collegiatis ecclesiis predictis principalis fuerit si tibi alias canonice canonice conferatur vel assumaris ad illud recipere et una cum dicta parochiali ecclesia licite retinere necnon ecclesiam et beneficium huiusmodi simil vel successive tociens quociens tibi placuerit simpliciter vel ex causa permutacionis dimittere et loco dimissi vel dimissorum aliud vel aha simile vel dissimile aut similia vel dissimilia beneficium seu beneficia ecclesiasticum seu ecclesiastica duo tantum incompatibilia recipere et retinere libera et licite valeas generalis consilii et quibuscumque aliis constitucionibus apostolicis necnon statutis et consuetudinibus ecclesiarum in quibus huiusmodi beneficia forsan fuerint contrariis iuramento confirmacione apostolica vel quacumque firmitate alia roboratis nequaque obstantibus auctoritate apostolica de speciali gracia tenore presencium dispensamus.
    Proviso quod parochialem ecclesiam ac beneficia huiusmodi debitis non fraudentur obsequiis et animarum cura in eis quibus ilia imminet nullatinus necgligatur.
    Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat hanc paginam nostre dispensacionis et voluntatis infringere vel ei ausu temerario contraire.
    Si quis autem hoc attemptare presumpserit indignacionem omnipotentis dei et beatorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum eius se noverit incursurum. Dat' Rome apud sanctum Petrum idus Novembris Pontificatus nostri anno septimo.
  • Translation of the above Latin:-
    Repyngton plurality. Boniface, bishop, servant of the servants of God, my beloved son Ralph Repynton' the rector of the parish church of Castor the diocese of Lincoln, greeting and apostolic blessing.
    Of life and purity of manners, and other laudable honesty and virtues on which we commend to the testimony credible, we introduce to you the grace and favor of the apostolic further.
    Wishing, therefore, as well as consideration of the foregoing, in consideration of the merits of your beloved son in Christ, King Richard I of England, famous for his beloved friend who was with us on this special treat with grace humbly supphcantis favor of parochial church CastorLincoln diocese and the free chapel of St. Michael within his castle of King in Shrewsbury and prebend of Weford'
    in the church of Lichfield, the cathedral', and the prebend of Wartlyng Newenfeld' Hoo and in the king's free chapel of Hastings from the Chichester diocese and another prebend in the cathedral church of St'
    of all of which is the fruit of an annual value of the rents and income of two hundred marks sterling, according to the common estimaccionem do not exceed, as you assert and hold one another even if the dignity of the parsonage or ecclesiastical benefice or office in the metropolitan cathedral itself in the collegiate and the dignity of metropolitan the cathedral or collegiate churches of the aforesaid or in the papal mayor after the principal has been at other times if you have to receive it canonically canonically is to be conferred or taken up into the church of the parish, and together with the sayings of the Church and the right to retain the benefit of this kind, as well as similar or successively taken simply, or as often as it shall seem good to thee, and let them go, for the reason permutations of or other similar or dissimilar to any other place of their release, or are dismissed, or similar or dissimilar, or benefit, or the profits of the church, only the two are incompatible, and legally able to receive and to retain independent general counsel and other apostolic constitutions and statutes and customs of the churches in which such benefits may be contrary to the oath Notwithstanding anything to the confirmation of the apostolic apostolic authority, or anything of other firmness of strength by no means out of the tenor of these presents by the grace of a special dispensation.
    Provided that the parish church and the benefits of such debts not defrauded services and the care of souls in which she threatens necgligatur nowise.
    No one, therefore, is it permitted to infringe this page of our dispensation and of the will or with rash boldness contravene it.
    And if any one shall presume to attempt this, his wrath of almighty God and of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul that he will incur. Given at Rome, at St. Peter the seventh day before the Ides of November in the year of Our Pontificate.
    F(M) Charter/495  C Hertf 1 Hen V [1413-4]
    QUITCLAIM by Robert Repyngale, son of Thomas Repyngale to Ralph Repynton, clerk, of a garden lying between the tenements of Thos. Repyngale and Robert Pykworth, in Castre.
    F(M) Charter/540  10 Apr 23 Hen VI [1445]
    GRANT by John Eston, esq., to William Uscher, John Beresworth, John Folkysworth, jun., and Robert Thysbylton, of all his lands in Castir, which were lately Ralph Repynton's, the clerk.
    Witn. Hugh Rydell, esq.; John Folkysworth, sen.; John Brake.
  • Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 6: 1404-1415
    Lateran Regesta, Vol. CXXIIA
    I Innocent VII
    De Diversis Formis 1404 16 Kal. Sept.
    St. Peter's, Rome.
    (f. 43d.)
    To Ralph Repynton, rector of Castre in the diocese of Lincoln.
    Grant to him, who has been studying canon law for three years, and who holds the deanery of St. Chad's in the diocese of Lichfield, a simple office without cure, value not exceeding 40 marks, and the canonry and prebend of Wivellesforde and Wideforde in Salisbury, value not exceeding 45, that the letters of Boniface IX—by which he, already holding Castre, was dispensed to hold therewith one other benefice with cure, even if a dignity, major or principal respectively, personatus or office, in a metropolitan, cathedral or collegiate church, and to resign both as often as he pleased, simply or for exchange, and hold instead two similar or dissimilar incompatible benefices, after which, as his recent petition contained, he obtained the church of Tichemerssh in the diocese of Lincoln, value not exceeding 80 marks, which he still holds with Castre—shall hold good from the date of these presents, as though they mentioned the constitutions of Otto and Ottobon and provincial and synodal constitutions, and his being allowed to hold such two incompatible benefices for life, on account of the absence of which mention it is doubted whether he can continue to retain such two churches or other two incompatible benefices.
    Vite etc.
    Parish church Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire
    Diocese (Jurisdiction): Lincoln


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