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Sir John REPINGTON2,3,4,5,6

also known as John REPYNGTON

1560 - 23rd Jan 16252

Admission to Grays Inn

Life History



11th Nov 1574

Educated Matriculated at Trinity College, Oxford

13th Jun 1580

Educated B.A. at Trinity College, Oxford

9th May 1582

Occupation Admission to Grays Inn

Grays Inn Admission Register 1521-1887 p.61

2nd Nov 1603

Married Margaret LITTLETON

2nd Nov 1603

Misc in Settlement of the Deanery of Tamworth.1


Birth of son John REPINGTON in Tamworth, Staffordshire / Warwickshire

13th Oct 1604

Death of son John REPINGTON in Tamworth, Staffordshire / Warwickshire

6th Mar 1608

Birth of son Sir John REPINGTON in Amington Hall, Tamworth, Staffordshire / Warwickshire


Misc in Sheriff of Warwickshire

The progresses, processions, and magnificent festivities, of King James the First - p.25

21st Nov 1614

Misc in Knighted at Newmarket

The progresses, processions, and magnificent festivities, of King James the First - p.25


Land Purchase in Bought the land and erected the hall at Atherstone, Warwickshire


Land Purchase in He was the first Repington to own Atherstone Hall


Buried in Tamworth, Staffordshire / Warwickshire

23rd Jan 1625


2nd Dec 1625

Wrote will


  • Manor of Atherstone:
    In 1609 Sir Edward and Margaret Littleton settled their half of the manor, with a court leet and the view of frankpledge, on their son Edward, who, with his mother, sold it in 1617 to Sir John Repington.
    He must have acquired the other half, for his son, Sir John Repington of Amington, was in possession of the whole manor in 1640.
    The Repington family retained Atherstone for over a century, and when the Inclosure Award was made in September 1765 Charles Repington was lord.
    However, he disposed of the property to Stratford Squire Baxter of Gray's Inn in 1786.
  • Manor of Atherstone: Court Rolls and Minute Books
    Deposited on loan for safekeeping in the Warwickshire County Record Office by Sir William Dugdale, Bt., on 3rd June, 1941.
    Administrative history:
    Names of Lords and Stewards of the Manor
    Lady Jane Devereux, widow, on or before 24 April 1589-11 June 1607
    Sir Edward Lyttleton sen. kt., Richard Repington, Esq., 2 July 1607-?
    Margaret Repington, widow. on or before 16 Oct. 1645-8 March 1649
    Sir John Repington, kt. 29 March 1649-28 July 1661
    Sebright Repington, Esq. 8 Aug. 1661-27 Oct. 1692
    Edward Repington, Esq. 24 Jan. 1693-6 Nov. 1758
    Charles Repington, Esq. 3 July 1759-18 Oct. 1764
    Charles Edward Repington, Esq. 19 Dec. 1764-8 Nov. 1786
    Stafford Squire Baxter, Esq. 4 Jan. 1787-2 July 1811
    Dugdale Stratford Dugdale, Esq. 25 Oct. 1811 21 Oct. 1836
    William Stratford Dugdale, Esq. 18 Nov. 1836-30 Oct. 1878
    Turner, Esq., c. 1595-1600
    John Savage, gent., on or before 16 Oct 1645-after 6 May 1685
    Francis Wolferstan, gent. on or before 6 May 1685- ?
    Samuel Walmisley, gent. before 26 Oct. 1693- 6 May 1697
    William Milward, gent. 8 May 1697
    Humphrey Hall, gent., 5 Dec. 1700-17 Aug 1701
    Henry Rathbone, gent., 30 Oct. 1701-2 May 1728
    Theophilus Levett, gent. 14 Oct. 1728-17 March 1746
    Michael Baxter, gent. 28 April 1746-11 Dec 1771
    Stafford Squire Baxter, gent. 27 Dec. 1771-2 April 1773
    Dudley Baxter, gent. 3 May 1773-29 Dec. 1813
    William Eborall, jun., gent. 30 April 1814-22 May 1816
    William Francis Stratford Dugdale, Esq. 26 Oct. 1893-?
    Henry Radford, gent. 25 Oct. 1816-Sept. 1877
    Michael Glover Atkins, gent. Sept. 1877-after 26 Oct. 1893
  • Articles of agreement to levy a fine on marriage of Clement Throckmorton esq. and Lettice Fisher  CR8/58  19 July [1602]
    ... John Repington, son and heir apparent of Thomas Repington.
  • Miscellaneous Deeds and Papers  ER 3/620  30 April 1618
    Copy of Court Roll of the Manor of Atherstone of Sir John Repington, Knight.
  • Burke's Peerage:
    Sir John Repington, knt. of Amington, living in 1620, bought the land and erected the hall at Atherstone, in Warwickshire.
  • Manduessedum Romanorum:
    John Repington died January 23, 1625. He was the first owner of Atherstone, and married Margaret daughter of Sir Edward Lyttleton of Pillaton hall co. Stafford, knt.
  • Collections for a history of Staffordshire
    On the Octaves of Holy Trinity. 4 James J.
    Between John Repyngton, gentleman, Robert Fissher, gentleman and John
    Lisley, gentleman, complainants, and William Colmore, the elder, gentleman,
    and William Colmore, the younger, gentleman, deforciants of 3 messuages,
    3 gardens, 3 orchards, 100 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow, 80 acres of
    pasture, 60 acres of wood, 100 acres of moor, and common of pasture for all
    cattle in Leeke, Warslowe, Alstonfielde, and Bradnappe, co. Stafford, and
    of tenements in Birmingham, co. Warwick.
  • The National Archives
    Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service, Lichfield Record Office
    Messrs Hinckley, Birch and Exham, Solicitors, Lichfield
    Amington. Exchange of tithes from property in Amington for tithes of Broadmeadow in p. Wiggington. co. Staffordshire.
    (Repington/Breton). 1595.
    Manors of Great Amington, Little Amington and Whittington with appurtenances and closes (named).
    Covenant to suffer a recovery.
    (Repington/Stanford & Hysley). 1618.
    Great Amington. Closes called Stony Wast, Cowpers Close, Middle Wast and Coppy End Close; and part of Cumberhill.
    (Payne/Repington.) 1635/6.
    Great Amington. Exchange of closes in Hedge Lane, Bracegreene, Frythlane and Wyreylane.
    (Payne/Reppyngton.). 1648/9.
    Amington, Great & Little. 1 messuage, 1 cottage, 1 watermill, 10 acres land, 10 acres meadow, 20 acres pasture.
    Final Concord (Milner/Fisher, Beardsley). 1658.
    Amington. Messuage in Dog land and closes called Newshayes.
    Covenant to levy fine.
    (Gabbetas & Wescott/Pretty.) 1661-2.
    Amington. Messuage in Dog Lane.
    (Lillie Rippington). 1675.
    Amington. 3 messuages, 3 cottages and closes.
    Repington trust deed. 1676/7.
    Amington. Messuage and 2 cottages and appurtenances.
    (Orton/Talbott). 1688.
  • Sir John Repington, Knt. constructed Atherstone Manor on the site of the Anglo Saxon Friary.
    The property was later purchased by the Bracebridge family, the old buildings were taken down, and a mansion was erected by Abraham Bracebridge, Esq.
    The Hall (which by modern references was located round the back of St Mary's Church) was demolished in 1963/64 and houses were built on the site.
    All that remains is the nearby elegant Chapel House, built in 1728 (now a five star restaurant), which was the dower house to the hall.
    [A dower house is usually a moderately large house on an estate which is occupied by the widow of the late owner.]
  • Grays Inn Admission Register 1521-1887
    One of the four Inns of Court (professional associations for barristers and judges) in London.
    May 9, 1582     John Repington
  • Parish Records Collection 1538-2005
    REPINGTON       John    1625            Tamworth        Staffordshire
  • Derbyshire Record Office
    RefNo D231 M/F 354
    Title Copy will of Sir John Repington of Amington, Staffs
    2 Dec
    Date 1625
  • The Topographer for the year 1789 - Volume 1
    From Seckington to Tamworth is about four miles.
    A good turnpike road soon led us by Statfold, the seat of Samuel Pipe Wolferstan, Esq. In whose family it was as early at least as the year 1565.
    We shall omit any further particulars at present, as this place is intended for an article in a future Number.
    Nearly opposite to this, in the county of Warwick, is the adjoining Manor of Amington.
    As this place is not mentioned in the Conqueror's Survey, Dugdale supposes it to be then involved in Wilnecote, and that the great lord of most of this country, as mentioned at Seckington, &c. was enfeoft thereof. It afterwards descended thro' a female to the family of Clinton, of which John de Clinton, jun. claimed divers privileges here, by prescription in 13 E. I.
    In 1 H. VI, Sir Wm. Clinton, Kt. sold a large portion of this estate to Wm. Repington, and his heirs, for 200 marks of silver; and in 29 H. VIII, Edward, Lord Clinton, granted more lands here to Francis Repington, his descendant, of all which, and the capital messuage, or manor house, the said Francis died seized in 4 E. VI.
    His great grandson, Sir John Repington, Kt, enjoyed it in 1640, in whose lineal descendants it has continued to the present day.
    This ancient family, who are of Lincolnshire origin, have, since their residence here, intermarried with some of the principal families in the country.
    Amongst whom, in the last century, we find Catherine, daughter of Sir Thomas Burdet de Foremark, married to Sebright Repington, Esq.
    The house still remaining here, wears the venerable aspect of ancient hospitality, and from its stile of architecture, in a transient view, must be as old at least as the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
    Behind, down in that bottom look,
    Attended by tall pines in files,
    Close by the willow-wedded brook,
    See the old mansion, how it smiles!
    Enter the lofty hall, &c.
    This fine old room is spacious and lofty, with an arched roof turned upon wooden pillars. In the two front windows are these arms painted, England, with a lion and griffin or, supporters. In the lower window is the same coat, with a griffin and greyhound  supporters, for Thomas of Woodstock. Also the arms of Repington and Staunford twice over.
    A pair of stairs led us from hence to a curious old room, called the Vineyard, coved and ornamented at the top with vines and birds. The wainscot is also curiously carved, which brought these other lines to our memory from the same ingenious Poem.
    See birds and beasts play round the Pannels,
    Such as the Gothic Chissel breeds!
    Over the chimney is the following inscription in old golden Capitals.
    "Ne derelinquas amicum tuum anticum
    "Quia novus non erit ei similis."
    [Do not forsake your friend the front porch
    For a new one it will not be like him.]
    Below in one of the compartments is carved F. M. which are the initials, no doubt, of Francis and Mary Repington, the builders of the room, and perhaps the house.
    Round the wainscot amongst other arms, are, those of Repington impaling Cotton, and the letters F. M. over the husbands and wives arms respectively.
    This is not a parish in itself, but a member to Tamworth, where in the church are some flat stone memorials of the family.

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