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William REPINGTON1,2,3,4,5

also known as William REPYNGTON

also known as William REPYNGTON Armigeri

before 1425 - 1512

Life History

before 1425


6th Nov 1429

Misc in Henry VI crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey

30th May 1431

Misc in Duke of Bedford had Joan of Arc tried and executed at Rouen

before 1443

Married Matilda


Misc in Granted a tenement with the adjoining garden in Lichfield, in 'Robestrett

between 1446 and 1452

Resident in Lichfield, Staffordshire


Misc in Defending and victualling Roxburgh castle with Sir William Nevill

before 1461

Birth of son William RYPYNGTON in Lichfield, Staffordshire

before 1461

Birth of son Thomas RYPYNGTON in Lichfield, Staffordshire

4th Mar 1461

Misc in King Edward IV - 1st Yorkist King

His cousin was Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick

after 1462

Birth of daughter Joane REPINGTON

after 1462

Birth of daughter Grace REPINGTON

after 1462

Birth of son John REPINGTON

before 1462

Married Emme THURSTON


Resident in Little Amington, Tamworth, Staffordshire / Warwickshire

18th Apr 1462

Misc in William Repyngton sued William Warrewyke

29th Oct 1465

Misc in William Repyngton and Emma  remit all right to land at Lichfield


Misc in recovered Amington Hall

3rd Oct 1470

Misc in Edward IV died at Westminster

30th Oct 1470

Misc in King Henry VI

11th Apr 1471

Misc in Henry VI died in the Tower of London

11th Apr 1471

Misc in King Edward V

9th Apr 1483

Misc in Edward V died in the Tower of London

26th Jun 1483

Misc in King Richard III

22nd Aug 1485

Misc in King Henry VII - 1st Tudor King

22nd Aug 1485

Misc in Richard III died at the Battle of Bosworth

after 1490

Death of Matilda in Coventry, West Midlands / Warwickshire

21st Apr 1509

Misc in Henry VII died

21st Apr 1509

Misc in King Henry VIII




  • In 1468 William Repington recovered Amington Hall against John Harecourt and Margaret his wife, one heir of John Broun of Lichfield, and Richard Ruggeley, the other heir.
  • William Repington died in 1511 seised of Amington Hall and was succeeded by his grandson William, who in 1533 settled a messuage in Amington on his son Francis and his wife Maud daughter of Richard Cotton.
  • The National Archives
    3764/10  1492
    Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service, Staffordshire Record Office
    Gift by John Gravener al. Belleter of Bitterscote to Richard Broten, Edward Wystowe, Richard Sulley, Thomas Barker, Richard ?Washales, Robert ----- (illegible), Ralph Meyne, John Chaar and John Irpe of a cottage with appurtances in Bitterscote with all his lands, tenements, meadows, pastures and pasturage in the lordship of Drayton Bassett.
    Witnesses: John Cumberford, esq., William Repyngton, gent., Nicholas Rugeley, Thomas Rydesdale and others.
    12 December 8 Henry VII (1492)
    Drayton Bassett nr. Tamworth
  • The University of Nottingham
    Ref Mi D 4148
    Gift in fee simple. Location: Kingsbury, Warwickshire
    14 March 1462
    Agreement whereby Richard Bracebrugge armiger, son and heir of Ralph Bracebrugge gives his manor of Kingsbury with appurtenances to Ralph Butler dominus of Sudeley, Lord William Hastings, Sir Thomas Ferrers, Henry Ferrers, Richard and Robert Willoughby, William Harecourte, William Lisle and Nicholas Ruggeley with all lands and tenements, rents and reversions which he lately holds from the demise and confirmation of Sir William Mountford, Sir Maurice Barkeley and Robert Stoke.
    Terms: To be held by the 9 grantees, their heirs and assigns in perpetuity as capital demesne fee for service thence due and by right accustomed.
    Date: 14th day of March, 2 Edward IV.
    Witness: Repyngton, William, gentleman, fl 1462 (of Little Amington) & Breton, John, gentleman, fl 1462 (of Tamworth) & Lancashire, Thomas, vicar of Kingsbury, fl 1462-1475 & Clowis, Henry, parson of Baxterley, fl 1462 & Bradbourne, John, fl 1462
    Latin "Living" - fl. = Floruit Date
  • Author: Bonyngton, William.
    Title: Miscellaneous manuscripts, 1443.
    Physical description: 1 item (1 leaf) : parchment ; 128 x 266 mm.
    Summary: Charter granting William Bonyngton's power of attorney to William Robert to deliver seisin in lands in Kingston (here spelled Kynston, north of Sutton Bonington), in Nottinghamshire, to Henry Bothe, William Repyngton, Nicholas Hill clericus, and Richard Neell. Written in Kynston in May 1443 (twenty-first regnal year of Henry VI), with a seal tag formed from the bottom edge of the document and remnants of a red wax seal.
    Subject: Robert, William.
    Real property - England - Nottinghamshire.
    Nottinghamshire (England) - History.
    Manuscript location: Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania Misc Mss
  • www.british-history.ac.uk
    Staffordshire Fines: Edward IV and Richard III', Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 11 (1890), pp. 238-242.
    No. 3. At a month from the Day of St. Michael. 5 E. IV.
    [October 29th 1465]
    Between William Fyssher, complainant, and William Repyngton, of Little Amyngton, and Emma his wife, deforciants of seven messuages and six acres of land in Lichfeld.
    William Repyngton and Emma remit all right to William Fyssher and his heirs, for which William Fyssher gave them 40 marks of silver.
  • Collections for a history of Staffordshire
    Staff. William Repyngton sued William Warrewyke, late of Hopewas,
    laborer, for breaking into his close at Hopewas. The defendant did not
    appeal 1 , and the Sheriff was ordered to arrest and produce him on the
    Octaves of Holy Trinity, m. 196.
    [18 April 1462]
  • Grant  CCA-DCc-ChAnt/L/216  16 Jun 1443
    Former reference: CCA-DCc-ChAnt/L/216
    1 document
    Parchment, 1m, seal, plica stained
    From: John Ridware of Lichfield, junior To: William Repyngton' junior; Matilda, wife of William Repyngton' junior A tenement with the adjoining garden in the town ('villa') of Lichfield in a street called 'Robestrette', between John's tenement and a tenement of the chantry of Colwich ('cantaria de Colwyche'), now in the tenure of John Botiller, goldsmith.
    Given at Lichfield [Staffordshire]. Witnesses: John Yate, bailiff of Lichfield ('ballivus dicte ville'); Robert Barre, rector of 'Northehope'; Thomas Palmer; John Favyll' Endorsed 'de domo in robestrete' in 15th cent hand.
  • 1446 Willm's Repyngton, Armig.
    Adm. Joh'es Gryffyn, Miles.
    Alicia, ux. Willm's Repyngton, Armigeri.
    Willms Repyngton, Junior.
    Armigeri = Esquire
    uxorem = Wife
    Miles = soldier
  • Calendar of documents relating to Scotland, preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, London (Volume 5).
    4958 December 3
    William Repyngton, lately of Lychefeld in Staffordshire, junior, esquire, defending and victualling Roxburgh castle with Sir William Nevill, lord Faucomberge, one of the captains of that castle, one year [ibid] [Rank only in Rot. Scot., ii, 370).
    Victualling - to supply with provisions.
    Roxburgh castle near Kelso, in the Borders region of Scotland.


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